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Archiving field data in the Building America Data Portal

All field-based monitoring datasets collected in Building America must be added to the Building America Data Portal. Archiving all of our data in this central repository serves several key objectives:

  • It helps the Building America program track high-level information such as energy consumption and building characteristics.
  • It broadens the potential impact of research projects by allowing others to access datasets for other analysis needs. A researcher who wants, for example, a heat pump water heater load profile and draw patterns, can go to the data portal to see if there's a past project that matches his/her needs.
  • It ensures that the valuable datasets collected by the Building America program are not lost over time, as projects and staff (and hard drives!) undergo changes.

To these ends it is important that the uploaded datasets contain as much information about the context of the project as is practical. At a minimum, all entries should contain:

  • High-level information about the project type and context. This may include:
    • building characteristics (HPXML if possible)
    • description of field experiment and overall objectives
    • climate zones/locations
  • field monitoring time series data, with clear documentation of what each column in the time series is measuring
  • link to any associated reports

How to get an account on the BA Data Portal

  1. Create an OpenEI account and note your username.
  2. Navigate to the Building America Data Portal while logged on to the OpenEI account. This step is necessary to copy your account info into the Building America CKAN.
  3. Email your username to the Building America Data Portal administrator to complete your account setup.