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Electric Lighting Types

Traditional light bulbs are incandescent and are slowly being phased out in favor of more efficient options. A new crop of energy-saving incandescent bulbs are coming on the market, making it easier for consumers to keep their incandescent bulbs and still save about 25% on their lighting energy. Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs use less energy than energy-saving incandescent and their features have improved dramatically since they first came on the market. The newest addition to this line of energy efficient lighting products is the light-emitting diode (LED) bulb. These bulbs use a completely different type of lighting, which is extremely long-lasting and efficient. They are still expensive relative to CFL bulbs, but the price has already begun to come down.

Four different CFL bulbs are shown. One is the standard CFL bulb with the flourescent coil exposed, which the other three bulbs have a frosted glass cover over the coil, making them look more like traditional bulbs.


CFL bulbs can either show the fluorescent
coil or have a cover to make them look
like more traditional bulbs.

Four types of LED light bulbs are shown. All LED bulbs look different than traditional incandescent bulbs due to the heat dissipation needs of these bulbs.


LED bulbs tend to look quite different
than other types of bulbs due to their
unidirectional nature. However, when lit,
they look very similar to more traditional