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Field Test Best Practices: A Resource for Practical Residential Building Science

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Other Field Test Considerations

Data Acquisition Systems

Data acquisition is a big topic with application in many fields other than building science. This page provides a brief overview of system types, selection, and use in buildings research.

Human Subjects Research

A field test may involve procedures that are legally classified as human subjects research. Common examples in residential field testing include: usability testing of home energy management devices, focus groups and surveys to collect data on consumer opinions and preferences, and studies of human behavior based on detailed monitoring data. Human subjects research can apply to observational studies as well as experimental ones. Typically, human-subjects related programs in building science fall in the social sciences domain. Just because research plans do not include medical experiments on people, for example, does not necessarily clear them of human subjects testing considerations. For information about Department of Energy (DOE) funded human subjects research, please visit the DOE Human Subjects Protection Program website.

Helpful Tips for Field Tests (Odds & Ends)

Here's a collection of helpful lessons learned from past field tests.